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Virtualization Interview FAQs - TOP VMWare Interview Questions

> What is the VMlibrary?
The VMlibrary (/vmlib) is simply a directory on your ESX Server that lets you organize the tools and files you need to manage and maintain your virtual infrastructure.

> I cant add a new virtual hard drive to my virtual machine. What should I do?
ou may not have the appropriate permissions to add virtual hardware to the VM, or the VM may be powered on and won't allow the addition of virtual hardware while powered on.

> I just created a new virtual machine and attached to an existing disk. Every time I power on the VM, I get a blue screen. What could the problem be?
Make sure the OS type that you selected when you created the VM matches the OS type installed on the virtual disk. For example, if you selected Windows 2003 Standard for the VM when you created it, but the existing virtual disk has Windows 2000 Standard installed, you'll probably encounter issues.

> Which version of VMware ESX Server supports Boot from SAN?
ESX Server 2.5 supports Boot from SAN but has the following limitations: ESX server had to be installed in boot from SAN mode, the HBA can only be used by the Service Console, LUN masking should be used to restrict other ESX servers from the boot LUN, the HBA of the boot LUN must be a QLogic HBA, and the boot LUN must be the lowest numbered LUN controlled by the storage processor.

> Where are log files for VMware ESX Server written to?

> What do you do if you forget the root password of the Service Console?
You will need to boot into single-user mode from the Service Console by selecting linux from the LILO boot menu and appending -s to your boot choice. This will boot the console into single-user mode and will allow you to use the passwd command to change the root user password.

> I accidently unmounted the VMFS volume on my ESX Server. How can I re-mount the volume without re-booting.
type mount t vmfs vmfs /vmfs

> What is vCenter Agent?
VC agent is an agent installed on ESX server which enables communication between VC and ESX server. This Agent will be installed on ESX/ESXi will be done when you try to add the ESx host in Vcenter.

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