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Windows Vista Interview Questions !

How to close UAC ?
Control Panel—User account—Open or close user account control—Cancel using User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.

How to cancel CTRL+ALT+DEL combination login when start up machine ?
Control Panel—Management tools—Local security policies—Security options—Interactive login: start without pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL

How to cancel the shutdown reason option when turn off machine ?
Start—Run pgedit.msc—Computer Configuration—Administrative Template—System—Display “Close Event Track program”—Disabled.

How to realize auto login ?
Start—Run—Enter command “rundll32 netplwiz.dll,UsersRunDll” to open account window, first choose the account to auto login, and choose the checkbox “to use the computer, user must enter password”, and then keyed the password for this account (precondition is to turn off UAC).

How to cancel the default sharing each time when machine starts up ?
import the content below into the registry, and then restart the computer (precondition is to close UAC):
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Lanmanserver\Parameters]

How to cancel the advanced IE security configuration ?
Server manager—Security information—Configure IE ESC—Choose to disable the administrator and user on the prompt window.

How to start Vista theme ?
1) Server manager—Function Abstract—Add functions—Choose to install dekstop experience.
2) Start Themes service, and set up auto start type.
3) Right click on desktop—Individuation—Themes—Choose related Vista theme.

How to start vidicon, camera or scanner or other devices ?
Start Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) serivce and set auto start type.

How to start the hardware acceleration of the graphic card ?
A: right click on desktop—individuation—Display setup—Advanced setup—Difficulty Explanation—Modify settings—Hardware accelerate—Full. Then run dxdiag, open display option card and you will find DirectX function has already been started all.

After starting ICF, how to visit each other in LAN ?
A: start from the next points:
Local connecton—right-click property—cancel Internet protocol version 6, shorten validation time.
Check up if the workgroup name of each machine accord.
Check up if machine’s IP is at the same network segment, such as 192.168.1.X.
Network and share center—network connection—customize—set the position type as special to lower protection.
Network and share center—share and discover—network discover starts, file share starts, passwork protection share closes.

How to set IE browser proxy ?
Open IE toolbar Internet option—connection—choose the dial connection in “dial and virtual special network setup” to connect—setup, on the page of “Setup”, choose “Use proxy server for this connection” and then fill the “Address” column the proxy server address and port, then click OK.

“Computer” icon on desktop disappear, how to recover it ?
Right click on desktop—Individuation—modify desktop icon.

How to quick copy file, folder path ?
A: press Shift key, right click the path of the file, folder or shortcut you want to copy, and on the prompt menu there’s an item , copy it as path (A), then you could copy the paths of the file and folder.

What is the shortcut of reverse select ?
Alt+E, on the prompt menu press I.

How to change the size of the icon on dekstop ?
Ctrl+mouse trolley or right click desktop—view—classic icons

How to check system admission information ?
run slmgr.vbs –dlv.

Some application couldn’t run, what to do ?
Try to modify data and execute protection setup, control panel—system—advanced system setup—advanced-performance—setup—data executive protection—start DEP fro all programs and services except the programs selected, and add the applications.

How to modify default storage positon of user document ?
Start menu—Document—right click properties—position option card, modify to user-defined path.

How to turn off hibernation function ?
A: right click on desktop—individuation—screen saver—modify power setup—modify computer’s sleep time—set never to let computer enter sleep state.

How to delete hibernation file completely ?
Right click system drive—properties—general—defragment—choose hibernate file cleaner—OK.

The power button in start menu is set to “shut down” by default, how to change to “Hibernate”?
Control panel—power options—choose “Preferred plan”—modify plan setup—modify advanced power setup, on the prompt setup window, find “Power button and cover”—“Start” menu power button—Setup—hibernate, press OK.

How to use 3D to switch programs ?
With Aero appearance started, Win+Tab combination could use 3D way to switch programs, Win+Ctrl+Tab could let program 3D window stay on desktop temporarily.

How to clear the history of recent opened documents when exit system ?
Start—Run gpedit.msc—User configuration—Administrative Template—[Start] menu and taskbar—clear the history of recent opened documents when exit system, set it enabled.

With sound card driver installed, why the sound card is still disabled ?
Start Windows Audio service, and set auto start type.

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