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Microsoft VB .Net Interview Questions And Answers

> What is shadowing?
When global and local variable in the same name.
the local variable in a method or function which use to override the global is called the shadowing.
ie the Global variable is being shadowed by the local variable.

> What are Satellite Assemblies?
Satellite assemblies are user for localizing the applications resources. A satellite assembly is a DLL that contains only resource strings .we typically have one satellite assembly DLL for each language. Because these satellite assembly DLLs are separated from the main assembly (an .exe or DLL), it is easier to drop in 48 multi language support as we progress in your development process.

> What is the Difference between Web User Control and Web Custom Control?
web user control where it predefined attribute functionality where it resides in control library web custom control: where it is defined by user itself and store in a custom library
Web User Controls:
1) Easy to Create
2) Limited support for consumers who use visual design tool
3) A separate copy of the control is required in each application.
4) Cannot be added to toolbox in Visual Studio.
5) Good for Static Layout
Web Custom Controls:
1) Harder to Create
2) Full support for consumers
3) Only a single copy of the control is required in the GAC
4) Can be added
5) Good for Dynamic Layout

> What are the difference between dispose(), close(), exit(), end()? When do we use them?
Dispose(): should release all the resources that it owns.
close():closing the application
exit():Exiting from the loop
end():stops the execution of the page/function/procedure

> What do you mean by .Net Framework?
It is a collection of classes and services.It exists as a layer between.NET applications and underlying operating system.
i.e., it encapsulates the basic functionality that was earlier built into programming languages such as debugging and security services.
[.net framework is a collection of services & classes.it exists as a layer b/w .net applications 7 the underlying operating system.
.net framework consists of web forms,window forms & console applications that pertain to the presentation layer of the application.
.net framework consists of two other components,the .net framework base classes & common language runtime(CLR).]

> How to check for a particular record whether it is present or not in dataset?
if the record is not present i want to display a message as no records what is the code for checking
if you are using "DataReader" then
if DataReaderName.HasRows then
end if
if you are using "DataSet" then
if DataSetName.TABLES.("tablename").ROWS.COUNT=0 THEN
end if

> What is the Difference between Overriding and overloading?
overloading——-having same method name with different signatures.
overriding——–methods name and signatures must be same.
OverLoading : All the method will share the same name but it differes based on the parameter, type of parameter and number of parameter
Overriding : The method in the derived class the has the same name in the base class and it changes the behaviour or functionality of the method in the base class.

> What are Jagged Arrays ?
a collection of discrete no of elements in each and every row is called as jagged arrays.
1)these jagged arrays doesn't contain columns,
2)a jagged array also called as dynamic array
3)jagged array is a collection of dynamic arrays
4)these are faster and also save the memory.
syntax of jagged array:
int[][]x=new int [rows][]
here x is array name

> What are the advantage in vb.net and different between vb and vb.net?
vb is not follow the oops concept. But vb.net follow the oops concept.
[Adv of VB.NET vb is object based.vb.net is object oriented vb use record set for database connection vb.net use dataset for database connection]
[1. VB uses vb runtime while vb.net uses CLR
2. VB object based,vb.net is object oriented
3. VB Suports splash screen
4. VB Uses on error goto while vb.net uses Try..
5. vb.Net Supports inheritance]

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