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Microsoft Visual Basic .Net Interview Questions

> What is the Common Language Runtime?
CLR means commaon language runtime for the dot net frame work.
it is the frame work layer that resides above the operating system and handels/ manages the execution of the .net
applications.our .net programs don't directly communicate with the operating system but through CLR.

> How do you validate Date by using which validation Control?
<asp:regularexpressionvalidator id="regExpDate"
ErrorMessage="It is not a valid date"

> What is STA in .NET?
single-threaded apartments (the apartment model process) offers a message-based paradigm for dealing with multiple objects running concurrently.

It enables you to write more efficient code by allowing a thread, while it waits for some time-consuming operation to complete, to allow another thread to be executed.Each thread in a process that is initialized as an apartment model process, and that retrieves and dispatches window messages, is a single-threaded apartment thread. Each thread lives within its own apartment. Within an apartment, interface pointers can be passed without marshaling, and therefore, all objects in one single-threaded apartment thread communicate directly. A logical grouping of related objects that all execute on the same thread, and therefore must have synchronous execution, could live on the same single-threaded apartment thread.

However, an apartment model object cannot reside on more than one thread. Calls to objects in other processes must be made within the context of the owning process, so distributed COM switches threads for you automatically when you call on a proxy.

> How can we remove Handlers at Run time ?
RemoveHandler myobj.myEvent, AddressOf MyEventHandler

> What is an indexed property?
you include the index parameter in the Property statement.
In this example, the test_number parameter is the index for the Scores property.
Public Class Student
' The private array of scores.
Private m_Scores(9) As Integer
' The indexed Score property procedures.
Public Property Score(ByVal test_number As Integer) As _
Return m_Scores(test_number)
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As Integer)
m_Scores(test_number) = Value
End Set
End Property
End Class

> When do we use imports.system.sqlclient and when imports.system.oledb?
It contains the objects that we use to connect to a data source via an OleDB provider , such as OleDbConnection, OleDBCOmmand System.Data.SqlClient
It contains objects that we use to connect to a data source via Tabular data stream interface provided by Microsoft Sql Server.
This can be generally used to provide better performance because it removes some of the intermediate layers required by the OleDB provider.

> Is there any easy way to convert VB6 programs to VB.Net?
Just Open The Vb Project in Visual Studio.Net(File—> Open)

> What are the properties should be given to set method?
VB: for class NotInheritable [MyClass]
For method: NotOverridable [MyMethod]
C# For class or method :sealed[MyClassMyMethod]{}

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