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Microsoft VB.Net Interview Questions

> Whats the difference bt. .dll extension and .exe extension files?
DLL : It is an inprocess server and runs in the same memory space as client application. Problem with dll is if any error comes in dll, whole application gets crashed.
Exe : It is an out of process server and rus as independent application in seperate memory. If error comes in exe, it does not affact the client application.

> What is the difference between DataTable and DataSet?
Data table is a collection of record's that consist the single table
Whenever dataset is collection of data table and it is provide interface between database and datatable 1 dataset consist multiple table.

> Advantage and Disadvantages of VB.Net?
Following are the disadvantage of VB :
1. VB is not object oriented.
2. VB DLL does not support side-by-side execution
3. Deployment is time consuming as all the components must be registered in the Windows registry.
Advantage of vb.net over vb ?
1. supports Threading
2. powerful Exception handling mechanism
3. having support for the console based applications
4. More than one version of dll is supported.

> What does VS.NET contains ?
Visual Studio .Net is basically a framework which makes easy development of codes written in Various programming languages..
It contains two things:
1.Framework Class Library: It contains various classes managed within various namespaces.
2.Common Language Runtime: CLR is the execution engine which helps in compiling the IL code into machine code,takes care of security issues and many other critical tasks.
Web pages,windows apps,console applications,Class libraries are various options which can be created using VS.net

> How would you implement inheritance using VB.NET ?
Using VB.NET we can create a class that provides basic functionality so that other classes can inherit its members.

> What is the Difference between Friend and Protected Friend?
Protected variable will be accessed in inherited class, but instance variable of class cant access protected variable.
While friend variable will be accessed in inherited class as well as instance variable of class across the project.
Where we need both functionality we are using protected friend scope.
[Protected --> Accessible ONLY by 1.Derived classes 2.Within the same class
Friend --> Accessible ONLY by 1.Derived classes 2.Classes in the same assembly 3.Within the same class
Protected Friend --> Accessible ONLY by 1.Derived classes
2.Classes in the same assembly 3.Within the same class]

> What is versioning in .NET?
Main advantage of .net is versioning and solve very critical problem.
.net maintain one application with more then one version and also solve DLL HELL problem because it can run same application with different version at a same time [.Net have an Assembly. It gives the Portable Execution file.The main use of assembly is to maintain the Dll and exe's.
So sometimes the programmer confused to which is modified code.That time the assembly provide the Version.
That is called versioning.
It is start from 1.0.*,.......]

> What is the advantage of packaging over xcopy in .NET?
With the help of xcopy we solve the problem of DLL HELL and com dependencies
when we make xcopy of project all the dll, dependencies, assembly are updated automaticaly it's a powerful feature of a .NET

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