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HSRP stands for Hot Standby Routing Protocol, HSRP is Cisco proprietary protocol. HSRP is a routing protocol that provides backup to a router in the event of failure. Using HSRP, several routers are connected to the same segment of a fast Ethernet, token-ring network and work together to present the appearance of a single virtual router on the LAN network. The routers share the same MAC and IP addresses; therefore in the event of failure of one router, the hosts on the LAN are able to continue forwarding packets to a consistent IP and MAC address.



HSRP Configuration Commands

TechiebirdRouter1# configure terminal
Tehciebird Router1 (config) # interface gigabitethernet0/1
Tehciebird Router1 (config-if) # standby 1 preemp
Tehciebird Router1 (config-if) # standby 1 ip x.x.x.x  -------------------- 1
Tehciebird Router1 (config-if) # standby 1 priority 110
Tehciebird Router1 (config-if) # standby 2 preemp
Tehciebird Router1 (config-if) # standby 2 ip x.x.x.x  -------------------- 2
Tehciebird Router1 (config-if) # end
Tehciebird Router1#

TechiebirdRouter2# configure terminal
Tehciebird Router2 (config) # interface gigabitethernet0/1
Tehciebird Router2 (config-if) # standby 1 preemp
Tehciebird Router2 (config-if) # standby 1 ip x.x.x.x -------------------- 1
Tehciebird Router2 (config-if) # standby 2 preemp
Tehciebird Router2 (config-if) # standby 2 ip x.x.x.x -------------------- 2
Tehciebird Router2 (config-if) # standby 2 priority 110
Tehciebird Router2 (config-if) # end
Tehciebird Router2#

1 – Same IP address
2 – Same IP address



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