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How to Install Checkpoint Firewall NGX on SecurePlatform: (Part - 1)

This is a step by step guide on how to install Checkpoint Firewall NGX on a secureplatform device. This article covers the basic installation part of the Firewall of the Firewall including the Enforcement Module and the Smart Center. A standalone installation is covered in this article, which means that enforcement module and the smartcenter are on the same machine.
1. Insert the Checkpoint CD into the computers CD Drive.
2. You will see a Welcome to Checkpoint SecurePlatform screen. It will prompt you to press any key. Press any key to start the installation, otherwise it will abort the installation.
3. You will now receive a message saying that your hardware was scanned and found suitable for installing secureplatform. Do you wish to proceed with the installation of Checkpoint SecurePlatform.
4. You will be given a choice of these two:
SecurePlatform Pro
Select Secureplatform Pro and enter ok to continue.
5. Next it will give you the option to select the keyboard type. Select your Keyboard type (default is US) and enter OK to continue.
6. The next option is the Networking Device. It will give you the interfaces of your machine and you can select the interface of your choice.
7. The next option is the Network Interface Configuration. Enter the IP address, subnet mask and the default gateway.
For this tutorial, we will set this IP address as and the default gateway as which will be the IP address of your upstream router or Layer 3 device.

8. The next option is the HTTPS Server Configuration. Leave the default and enter OK.
9. Now you will see the Confirmation screen. It will say that the next stage of the installation process will format your hard drives. Press OK to Continue.
10. The hard disk is formatted and the files are being copied. Once it is done with the formatting and copying of image files, it will prompt you reboot the machine and importantly REMOVE THE INSTALLATION CD. Press Enter to Reboot.
Note: Secureplatform disables your Num Lock by overriding System BIOS settings, so you press Num Lock to enable your Num Lock.
For the FIRST Time Login, the login name is admin and the password is also admin.
11. Start the firewall in Normal Mode.
12. Configuring Initial Login:
Enter the user name and password as admin, admin.
It will prompt you for a new password. Chose a password.

Enter new password: techie$123
Enter new password again: techie$123
You may choose a different user name:
Enter a user name: techiefwadmin
Now it will prompt you with the [cpmodule]# prompt.
13. The next step is to launch the configuration wizard. To start the configuration wizard, type "sysconfig".
You have to enter n for next and q for Quit. Enter n for next.
14. Configuring Host name: Press 1 to enter a host name. Press 1 again to set the host name.
Enter host name: techiefw
You can either enter an ip address of leave it blank to associate an IP address with this hostname. Leave it blank for now.
Press 2 to show host name. It now displays the name of the firewall as techiefw.

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