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AD Interview Questions

How to fix time synchronize issue on virtual Domain Controller with a incorrect time source

This article will explain how to fix time sync issue on Hyper-V virtual domain controller. Normally domain controllers in the domain use the PDC as their central time source. However, a Hyper-V virtual DC would normally synchronize time with it’s hyper-v host instead of PDC. This would cause time difference between virtual DC and other… Read More »

Secure Channel in Active Directory

What is Secure Channel in AD? In Windows AD environments, secure channel provides an encrypted way of communication between clients and domain controllers. By clients I mean different editions of operating systems including client’s operating systems like Windows 10/8/7/vista/XP or server operating systems which operate as Domain Controllers or member servers. In another word when… Read More »

Item-Level Targeting in Group Policy

Item-Level Targeting with Group Policy Preferences Item-level targeting is a one of the feature of Group Policy preferences that allows preference settings to be applied to individual users and/or computers within the scope of the Group Policy Object (GPO) that contains the preferences. Policy settings can also be filtered, but there are several important differences… Read More »

DNS Interview Questions

1. What is DNS? Domain Name System is a service that can be installed on any windows server operating system to resolve the HostName to IPAddress and vice-versa. TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet & Windows Active Directory, use DNS to locate computers and services through user-friendly names. 2. What is DDNS? Dynamic DNS or… Read More »

Active Directory Interview Questions – Part 9

86. What is group nesting? Adding one group as a member of another group is called ‘group nesting’. This will help for easy administration and reduced replication traffic. 87. What is the feature of Domain Local Group? Domain local groups are mainly used for granting access to network resources. A Domain local group can contain… Read More »

Active Directory Interview Questions – Part 8

71. What is Kerberos & Kerberos Authentication?Kerberos provides secure user authentication with an industry standard that permits interoperability. The Active Directory domain controller maintains user account and log-in information to support the Kerberos service. The Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol provides a mechanism for authentication — and mutual authentication — between a client and a… Read More »