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Windows Server 2012 versions

Microsoft has revealed the new versions of Windows Server 2012.

Microsoft has released information on the new versions of Windows Server 2012, there will be four versions covering small businesses through to a cloud-enabled datacentre version.

The four versions are:

-> Essentials
-> Standard
-> Datacentre
-> Foundation

Essentials will replace the current Small Business Server edition and is the new base-level version designed for small businesses with 25 and fewer users. The Essentials version will include pre-configured connectivity to cloud-based services but anyone looking for sophisticated features like virtualisation will have to look to the Standard version.

The Standard version is aimed at low-density and non-virtualised systems and is licenced by processor and by users and has no upper-limit for users. The version is a full version of Windows Server and includes two virtualised instances.

The Datacentre version is aimed at large businesses and has the same specification as the Standard version and will include unlimited virtual instances.

Additionally Microsoft will also sell a Foundation version, but this will only be available to resellers, and looks to be the version of Windows Server that will be bundled with file and print servers. It will include a cut-down general purpose version of Windows Server 2012 and comes with a 15 user limit.

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