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Citrix Xenapp Top Interview Questions with Answers

> What is Citrix?
- Citrix is an application deployment system.
- Applications are delivered to remote systems.
- Using Citrix, one can access the customized applications.
- Citrix allows users to share documents among users.
- Emails can be accessed using citrix.
- Citrix allows file transfer from home computer to office computer.

> What are the effective uses of Citrix?
- Users can gain access to remote systems by configuring dial up settings.
- Users can backup data on the remote drive from their workstations.
- Microsoft Outlook accessibility is faster for dialup users
- Cloud computing is made effective using Citrix
- Allows maintaining virtualization to manage virtual data centers and maintain virtual work styles.

> How does Citrix work?
- To work with Citrix, install the Terminal Services of OS.
- Citrix allows multiple users to execute multiple applications on its server.
- At the time of running the applications, the screen shots are sent to the client system.
- The keyboard inputs and mouse movements are sent to the Citrix Server.
- Then the accessibility to the applications is done by client.
- Citrix will back up the applications' data, if required by the client.

> What is Citrix XML Service?
The Citrix XML Service is used by clients connecting over the TCP/IP+HTTP protocol and the Web Interface for MetaFrame Presentation Server.
The Citrix XML Service Port is used by the ICA Client for connection to the Citrix server / published application: When TCP/IP + HTTP is selected and you specify servers in the Address List box, the client communicates with the Citrix XML Service on a specified server for Enumeration.

> How to change the port number?
CTXXMLSS.EXE to change the port number.

> What Is The Main Concept Of Citrix?
Main concept of citrix is to deploy remote application to users.

> What are different Xen app editions?
Advanced, enterprise, platinum.

> Name few functions of each edition ?
Advanced edition: basic edition, positioning applications, getting those application out to users.
Planitum Edition: Adds password manager, edge site for monitoring citrix server, password manager provides ssl for single sign , provides access gateway, replacing secured gateway ..Access gateway being a hardware device, and secured gateway being a software device.
Enterprise : Adds some more functionality to xenapp.

> What is a citrix xenapp farm?
group of xenapp servers, they can be combination of web interface servers, where the web site will allow the users to connect into the xen app, license servers and xen app servers itself. Farm has a single data store.

> What is a citrix xenapp Data collector?
Stores dynamic information, for each of the Zones in a farm we will have a data collector. Ex: how many users are on a server, what the users are doing, what applications are being run.

> What is a citrix xenapp Data store?
stores static information, farm has a single data store, data store is connected by some data connection, like sql or Oracle.
Note: With the use for both this data collector and data store we can manage a farm.

> What is the function of local host cache in citrix?
local host cache, available on each server. Its like a mini data base, for example if a XENAPP server losses its connectivity to data store then it will use the information it has in its local host cache.

> Name few citrix xenapp clients?
- Program neighborhood agent
- xen app web plugin
- java clients
- xen app plugin for hosted app
- XenApp plugin for stream app

> Prerequisites for installing xenapp 6.5?
Terminal service role
Application server role
Iis role
A database
Jre 1.6.0-05
.net frame work 3.5
Visual j# .net 2.0
Visual c++ 2005 8.0 sp1

> What is the function of citrix xenapp Hosted apps?
Hosted app is an application that are hosted in citrix xen app servers and are accessed by clients remotely.

> What is the function of Streamed apps?
Streamed apps comes with platinum edition and here the vdisk is provisioned by a provisioning server to target devices.

> What is the use of appcompat?
easily move application with this app compat tool kit. Move application to xenapp,
search and anaylize, virtualize and validate.

> Name few best citrix services?
Citrix client network: which maps client drives and peripherals
Citrix cpu utilixation ,gmt/resource mgmet:
Citrix encryption service
Citrix health monitoring and recovery
Citrix IMA
Citrix licenses management console
Citrix license
Citrix ls port updater service
Print manger
Secure gate way
Streaming service
Virtual memory optimization
Wm service

> Architecture of ica protocol?
ICA: citrix actually replaced the terminal servers RDP with its own protocol called ICA.
Ica protocol is called thin protocol as it can run with very low bandwith connections, ica protocol is not transferring the real data back and forth, its just updating screen updates and mouse clicks from server to client and client to server. With ica protocol the users can print to there local printers.

> Name few citrix xenapp port numbers?
ICA : 1494
ICA with session reliability: 2598
IMA communication: 2512
Xenapp advanced console: 2513
Tcp browsing: 1604
Xml service port shared with IIS: 80
Ssl communication: 443
Licenses management console: 8082
Licenses port: 27000

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