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Ports used by Active Directory

It's been frequently asked question, list of ports used by Active Directory or list of Active Directory Ports for Active Directory replication and Active Directory authentication, this ports can be used to configure the Firewall

Active Directory replication- There is no defined port for Active Directory replication, Active Directory replication remote procedure calls (RPC) occur dynamically over an available port through RPCSS (RPC Endpoint Mapper) by using port 135

File Replication Services (FRS)- There is no defined port for FRS, FRS replication over remote procedure calls (RPCs) occurs dynamically over an available port by using RPCSS (RPC Endpoint Mapper ) on port 135

Other required ports for Active Directory

TCP 53 - DSN (DNS Download)
UDP 53 - DSN (DNS Queries)
TCP 3389- RDP (Remote Desktop)
TCP 135 - MS-RPC
TCP 1025 & 1026 - AD Login & replication
TCP 389 - LDAP
TCP 639 - LDAP over SSL/TLS
TCP 3268 -Global Catalog
TCP 3268 - Global Catalog over SSL/TSL
UDP 137 & 138 - NetBIOS related
UDP 88 - Kerberos v5
TCP 445 - SMB , Microsoft-ds
TCP 139 - SMB

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