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AD Replication failed with The destination server is currently rejecting replication requests

Also receive error "The source server is currently rejecting replication requests. This operation will not continue" in windows server 2008/2003 and Active Directory replication stopped working, possibly the inbound and outbound replication been disabled on the domain controller.

Use the below repadmin command to check the inbound and outbound connection object status.

repadmin /options DC name

You may receive the error similar like below, then the inbound and outbound connection object been disabled.


If it's disabled then run the below command to enable the inbound and outbound connection object.

repadmin /options DC Name -disable_inbound_repl
repadmin /options DC Name -disable_outbound_repl

If it's been disabled automatically after some time (15 min) then it's an issue with the Lingering Objects, you have to check the event viewer for the Event ID 1988.

If your environment configured with Strict Replication Consistency, then the Inbound replication of the directory partition of the lingering object has been blocked on the destination domain controller.

You have to remove the Lingering Objects to resolve this issue.

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