Skype for Business login issue with Certificate error

Sometime skype for business may not sign-in and give the following error. Solutions to fix Skype sign-in certificate issue 1. Delete the sign-in info On the Skype for Business sign-in window, click Delete my-sign in information This deletes your saved password, certificates, and connection settings Next, you have to input the account info and see… Read More »

List the mailbox which has forwarding enabled

If you need to list all mailboxes which are being forward to another mails address, you can use get-mailbox with a search query This is another useful command to run during the security audit to find users who are forwarding all their mailbox to personal account or other account. Below we are returning all mailboxes… Read More »

Five FSMO Roles in Active Directory

Schema Master FSMO Role The schema master FSMO role holder is the DC responsible for performing updates to the directory schema (that is, the schema naming context or LDAP://cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=<domain>). This DC is the only one that can process updates to the directory schema. Once the Schema update is complete, it is replicated from the schema… Read More »

Group Policy Interview Questions – Part 2

What is Microsoft AGPM? Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) extends the capabilities of the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to provide comprehensive change control and improved management for Group Policy Objects (GPOs). AGPM is available as part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for Software Assurance. What is RSoP?RSoP (Resultant Set of Policy) is a… Read More »

Group Policy Interview Questions – Part 1

What is group policy in active directory? What are Group Policy objects (GPOs)? Group policy is a feature of Microsoft Windows Active Directory that adds additional controls to user and computer accounts. Group policies provide centralized management of User and Computer configuration settings. A Group Policy Object is a collection of settings systems administrators create… Read More »

Remote Logins Are Currently Disabled

If you trying to connect to a server via RDP and you get the below error “Remote logins are currently disabled” To Fix this issue Run the below commands from another server. Description: The user is attempting to log on to a Terminal Server where an administrator has disabled logon by issuing the CHANGE LOGON… Read More »